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Installation includes setting up your Roku, Amazon FireTV Stick, etc.; reconnecting WiFi devices, laptops, cell phones, measuring WiFi signal strength in your home/business.

4 Mbps PlanLight Usage (Basic)

Internet usage is checking email, browsing websites, on-line shopping, checking weather forecast, Facebook, etc. A single Netflix video streaming account in standard definition – our 4 Meg service may meet your needs.

  • 5-month pre-pay / 6th month free
    (Averages out to $42.16/mo)
  • Unlimited Usage / No Data Cap

10 Mbps PlanModerate Usage (Family)

The 10 Meg plan is design for house holds and businesses who have multiple Wi-Fi devices connected to the Internet. Video streaming like Netflix, Hulu, SlingTV, etc. is a good choice to fit your needs.

  • 5-month pre-pay / 6th month free
    (Averages out to $67.24/mo)
  • Unlimited Usage / No Data Cap

20 Mbps PlanHeavy Usage

The 20 Meg plan ideal for video streaming movies, live TV, on-line gaming, multiple Wi-Fi laptops, cell phones, sound systems, HVAC remote access, security camera remote access + more.

  • 5-month pre-pay / 6th month free
    (Averages out to $92.24/mo)
  • Unlimited Usage / No Data Cap

*Does not include applicable sales tax.

We offer you a quality Internet experience. No complicated, binding contract. Broadband Internet is month-to-month. We provide you a simple billing method instead of writing a check each month. Much like Amazon or any other Internet shopping service – we automatically bill your credit card each month. Cash/check option available.

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Benefits of Broadband Internet with STT

  • Any plan can be upgraded for faster broadband
  • Month to month – no complicated long term contracts. No phone line required.
  • We can customize the up and down link speeds to fit your needs.
  • Antenna Subscriber Module rental is included.
  • Site Survey – No charge to come to your home/farm/business.
  • "Increased speed upgrade" for Family, Ultimate and Business Plans options available with a 1-time investment for full Broadband Internet. (Call STT office 712-852-4201 for details).
  • "Experiencing frustrating weak Internet or 'dead zones' of WiFi signal reception inside your home? We specialize in fixing those problem areas with Our signal strength testing technology inside your home or office."

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Site Survey and Installation

Site survey is always free and basic installation starts at just $69.95

We’ll prepare a site survey recommendation cost - based on optimum antenna placement including required hardware.

Here's how the process works.
  1. We start with a 'site survey' to determine if we are able to deliver the service to your home or business.
  2. Our $69.95 Standard Professional Installation includes installation of our Subscriber Module antenna and bringing a Cat5e Ethernet wire into your home at a location you designate. We’ll also make a connection to a single PC, Laptop or wireless router.


  • The key to quality Wi-Fi reception in your home is having a quality router with a fast processor with extensive coverage. Over the years, we've discovered poor Wi-Fi coverage in many homes. We use signal strength wireless mapping to identify any 'dead spots'. This is included in our installation process + reconnecting your wireless devices (TV's, remote controls, printers, cell phones, etc.) We make it simple & easy!
  • If you own your own router, we will reconnect it to our Internet network.
  • If you need a router – We offer both single and dual band WiFi routers. We’ll recommend which one will provide optimum performance and coverage. We offer a both rental and purchase options to assist you.

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